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August 15, 2022 12:44 am

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1. New York and Brooklyn

Brooklyn Paper: Man assaults victim with bottle

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Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Bottle bruiser

A ruffian smacked a man in the head with a bottle on Bay Ridge Avenue on Nov. 30.

The victim told police that he got into an argument with the bruiser near the corner of 15th Street at 7:45 pm when the struck him in the head with a glass bottle.

First responders transported the victim to Lutheran Hospital, officials said.

Knife knave

A dirtbag stabbed a driver in the chest on Shore Parkway on Dec. 4.

The victim told cops that he stepped out of his car by 25th Avenue after the attacker began banging on his window at 2:25 am. The brute then waved a six-inch knife before stabbing the victim in the ribcage, causing a small laceration. The victim was rushed to Lutheran Hospital, police said.

Cash grab

A thief stole about $800 from a Bath Avenue nail salon on Dec. 4.

The victim told police that the burglar broke the glass on the front door before barging into the salon on the corner of Bay 29th Street at 7:30 pm and stealing between $700 and $800 from the register.

Mail fail

A bandit pried several mailboxes open in a Benson Avenue apartment building on Nov. 30.

An employee told police that the scoundrel broke into the lobby of the building between Bay 35th Street and 24th Avenue at 9:50 pm and opened multiple mailboxes, but didn’t remove anything before fleeing.

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