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September 30, 2022 4:43 am

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1. New York and Brooklyn

Brooklyn Magazine: Fauci gets vaccine, tells his hometown ‘NYC will come through fine’

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Anthony Fauci, the Brooklyn native son who happens to be the nation’s top infectious disease expert, received his coronavirus vaccine today along with several frontline workers at the National Institutes of Health today. The event was equal parts a press conference for the vaccine’s safety and a nod to the NIH’s role in developing the inoculation created by Modern.

Fauci, who turns 80 on Christmas Eve, told press at the event that New York, and the country, will ultimately rebound from this year’s pandemic.

“I have every confidence that New York City, the New York metropolitan area, will come through fine,” Fauci told The New York Daily News. “I’m a New Yorker in my DNA … I think New York did quite well after you got hit really badly. You got a sucker punch … You recovered, and then you did actually quite well in keeping the level of infection down.”

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