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August 7, 2022 4:07 pm

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The FBI News Review Blog

Federal Agents Who Violate Individual Rights Can Be Sued For Damages, Supreme Court Rules

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But since RFRA doesn’t explicitly define what counts as “appropriate relief,” the case sought to determine “whether ‘appropriate relief’ includes claims for money damages against Government officials in their individual capacities.” By a vote of 8-0, the court agreed with Tanvir that it does. (Since oral argument occurred before Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, she did not participate in the case.)

“In the context of suits against government officials, damages have long been awarded as appropriate relief” and have “coexisted with our constitutional system since the dawn of the Republic,” Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for the court. Moreover, suing for damages is not just “appropriate,” Thomas noted, “it is also the only form of relief that can remedy some RFRA violations.” For Tanvir’s lost income and “wasted plane tickets, effective relief consists of damages, not an injunction.” 

12:26 PM 1/2/2021 – Tweets 

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    Sedition: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.

  2. India Approves AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine For Emergency Use posted at 15:03:28 UTC 

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    Spain will create a database of those who refuse to be vaccinated against coronavirus and share it with the rest of the EU.

  4. With 2021 underway, a sea of books and other works have entered the public domain after their copyright protection expired, including the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

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  5. “More and more studies show that the epidemic very probably emerged in many places throughout the world.”

    NPR News Now: NPR News: 01-02-2021 7AM ET 

  6. “More and more studies show that the epidemic very probably emerged in many places throughout the world.”

    Top Chinese diplomat says relations with US at ‘new crossroads’ | Business and Economy News | Al Jazeera 

  7. D614G German mutation and B117 UK Variant: is there any symbolism? – 7:25 AM 1/2/2021 

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  8. Citing incoming travelers, Turkey becomes the 33rd country to find the virus variant first identified in Britain.
    32 More Countries Have Found the New Covid-19 Variant First Seen in Britain – The New York Times 

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    Народный артист России Владимир Коренев, сыгравший Ихтиандра, скончался на 81-м году жизни. Публикуем кадры из культового фильма «Человек-амфибия».

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  10. 8:25 AM 6/19/2020 – The earliest D614G mutation in Europe was identified in Germany… Los Alamos study of coronavirus D614G mutation points to Germany. | First case of Coronavirus in Europe was in Germany, not Italy. 

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