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August 12, 2022 2:08 am

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9:10 AM 2/3/2021 – Covid-19 and vaccinations in Israel: I “The jury’s still out on whether the vaccine completely stops people from carrying, and passing on, the virus.” | Israel opens coronavirus vaccines to all over-16s | DEBKAfile: Israel closes airport and points of entry for extended period

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9:10 AM 2/3/2021

Covid-19 and vaccinations in Israel

healthcare worker holding vaccineIMAGE COPYRIGHTGETTY IMAGES

Israel’s vaccination programme is showing signs of working to drive down infections and illness in the over-60s.

The fall appears to be most pronounced in older people and areas furthest ahead in their immunisation efforts.

This suggests it is the vaccine, and not just the country’s current lockdown, taking effect.

Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) figures show 531 over-60s, out of almost 750,000 fully vaccinated, tested positive for coronavirus (0.07%).

And far fewer fell ill, with 38 becoming hospitalised with moderate, severe or critical disease – a tiny proportion.

The jury’s still out on whether the vaccine completely stops people from carrying, and passing on, the virus.” 


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The UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, has welcomed a new study that suggests one dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine may reduce transmission of coronavirus by two-thirds. Hancock said the results of the trial backed up Britain’s strategy to delay the administering of the second dose of the vaccine by 12 weeks.

Hancock added: ‘We may well need boosters that have a slightly adjusted vaccine as well in the same way that we do for flu each year.’

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Israel opens coronavirus vaccines to all over-16s


New age group eligible from Thursday while focus remains on older at-risk people

Israel’s health ministry has said it will offer coronavirus vaccines to anyone over the age of 16, as part of a rapid campaign that has already seen the majority of older and vulnerable populations receive shots.

The ministry has told healthcare providers they can start booking appointments for the new age group starting on Thursday.

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Kremlin tries to downplay Navalny’s jailing as thousands arrested

Brutal crackdown on protesters by riot police follows opposition leader’s 32-month prison sentence

The Kremlin has attempted to play down the jailing of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, saying that his 32-month imprisonment will have not have “significant influence” on Russian politics or lead to a mass protest movement similar to the one in neighbouring Belarus.

Meanwhile, protesters detained at recent rallies in support of Navalny have complained of inhumane conditions as police hold them in overcrowded jails or on buses in subzero temperatures days after their arrest.

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Agentes de la Policía Nacional y del Servicio Secreto de los Estados Unidos han llevado a cabo la mayor investigación de ámbito internacional realizada hasta la fecha contra el fraude cometido con tarjetas bancarias. Esta organización criminal creaba empresas ficticias en Estados Unidos con identidades falsas e ingresaban dinero desde España.

Puedes leer la noticia en:

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… in the control group there were 10 serious cases and one death.… Posted by. Michael Novakhov (mikenov) on …

Opinion | NATO countries, including Canada, thwarting new nuclear weapons treaty

6 when Trump supporters rioted at the U.S. Capitol. … active-duty service members and veterans involved in the Capitol attack are brought to justice.

House impeachment managers argue Trump is singularly responsible for the Capitol attack. Jeff Bezos will step down as Amazon’s CEO. Facebook

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) – Medical workers across Myanmar began a civil disobedience protest against Monday’s coup, wearing red ribbons and declaring they won’t work for the new military government.

The army takeover that ousted the civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi over allegations of fraud in November’s elections …


2528113 The Washington Times stories: Security

10 security personnel killed, 11 injured in separate attacks in Afghanistan | International  Devdiscourse

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Microsoft analyzed details of the SolarWinds attack:

Microsoft and FireEye only detected the Sunburst or Solorigate malware in December, but Crowdstrike reported this month that another related piece of malware, Sunspot, was deployed in September 2019, at the time hackers breached SolarWinds’ internal network. Other related malware includes Teardrop aka Raindrop.

Details are in the Microsoft blog:

We have published our in-depth analysis of the Solorigate backdoor malware (also referred to as SUNBURST by FireEye), the compromised DLL that was deployed on networks as part of SolarWinds products, that allowed attackers to gain backdoor access to affected devices. We have also detailed the …

The post More SolarWinds News appeared first on Security Boulevard.

5113667 Security Boulevard

The Knesset on Wednesday passed into law the closure of Ben Gurion airport and all other points of entry to

The post Israel closes airport and points of entry for extended period appeared first on DEBKAfile.

6942957 DEBKAfile

Increased Adoption of DDoS Protection and Mitigation Solutions Powering the Global Network Security Testing Market  GlobeNewswire

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Alabama police seek new tool in war on drugs: Wiretapping

5179835 “house judiciary committee” – Google News

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