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July 6, 2022 12:48 am

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افغان انتر نیتي را ډیو د افغان سندرو غاړو په ښکلو غږونږ کې ښکلي پښتو سندري

Your local resource for the things that matter to your communities. / ستاسې کلیوالي سرچینې په ټولنه ژوره اغېزه لري.

Arman FM is a broadcast radio station in Kabul, Afghanistan, providing Afganistan and World Top 40 Adult Comtemporary music, news and Entertainment, playing all the latest music from Afghanistan and around the world presented by some of the hottest young DJs in the country.

The most leading news channel in Afghanistan, providing reliable news of 34 provinces of the country & the world, hot discussions, investigative reports...

BBC Pashto (Pashto: بي بي سي پښتو‎) is the Pashto-language station of the BBC World Service.It was launched in August 1981, and reaches out to the over 50-60 million Pashto speakers in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as the Pashtun diaspora around the world.[3] Nabi Misdaq was its first editor.

BFBS started broadcasting in Afghanistan in 2001. It was 8 years later at 0630 on October 26th 2009 that the immortal words ‘Goooooood morning Afghanistan’ were uttered and the live and local service was launched. Non stop music, news and information on the main channel with our daily Breakfast Show and Ops Connection programme as well as the 4 hour Access All Areas programme on Sunday lunchtime linking family and friends across the Forces world - including the UK on DAB digital radio.

رادیو صدای اصلاح با برخورداري از همکاريهای طیف وسیعی از علمای جید، استادان پوهنتونها و کدرهای متخصص وبا درد کشور همه روزه از ساعت ۵ صبح تا ۱۰ شب در خدمت هموطنان متدین قرار دارد . رادیو صدای اصلاح حافظ ارزشهای دینی وافتخارات تاریخی مردم افغانستان میباشد. شنیدن برنامه های متنوع صدای اصلاح تشنگی ایمانی شمارا برطرف نموده باعث رشد متوازن شخصیت ، فرد وخانواده میگردد . Show more

Hamsada Afghan Radio provides twenty four hour mix of several genres and styles of music. The station plays all the music you love while striving to keep up with the desires of its listeners. Hamsada Afghan Radio is a live radio station broadcasting from Kabul, Afghanistan.

RTA 100.5 FM is a broadcast radio station from Kabul, Afghanistan, providing news, sports, information, music, religious programs and culture.

Radio Ariana FM 93.5 is a broadcast radio station from Kabul, Afghanistan providing education, health, children's programming, women's and world issues.; Show more

Radio Hamasa is a local station which is broadcasting from jawzajan province

Radio Jawanan is a private radio station, broadcasting nationwide on one single frequency - 97.5 FM.

TKG operates the Radio Killid Network with local stations in Kabul, Mazar, Kandahar, Jelalabad,Ghazni, Khost and Herat. In 2010 TKG launched Afghanistan’s first radio station dedicated to Rock ‘n’ Roll. The Radio Killid Network’s unique blend of public service-oriented programming (cultural, political, developmental and educational programs), news, entertainment and music reaches millions of listeners and many of its original programs and public service announcements are shared with other, smaller and financially strapped, community radio stations throughout rural Afghanistan. In an environment where the media was formerly controlled by the state, suppressed or nonexistent beyond city centers, the growth of TKG during Afghanistan’s critical transition from war to peace has served as a valuable asset for all those dedicated to building a peaceful and open society. TKG’s audience reach is demographically, geographically and numerically broad. In addition to the Radio Killid Network, TKG manages a partnership of 28 affiliate stations across the country.

Radio Salam Watandar is a online music radio station. Radio Salam Watandar broadcasts to the regions 24 hours a day, 12 months of the year. With a great mix of jazz, blues, folk, world and classical music. Radio Salam Watandar has something for all discerning music lovers.

سپگمی راډیو د افغانستان څخه خپرونی کوی. سپوممي راډیو د مختلفو عربي موسیقۍ او خبرو خپرونه کوي. سپوممی راډیو دواړه په آنلاین کې موسيقي او پروګرامونه چلوي. سپوممي راډیو 24 ساعته اوه بجې ده آنلاین راډیو.

Taleemul Islam Radio is an innovative, trusted, local educational FM radio that is committed to spread Islamic and different fields of scientific education and public awareness programs. It has the commitment to bringing unity, well-being and good deeds amongst the fellow human beings. Show more

تعلیم القرآن راډيو په کندهار کې، یوه خپلواکه شخصي او داسلامې معلوماته باوري سرچینه، پر ۹۲،۹ ایف ایم څپو.

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