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The Brooklyn NY Network

July 5, 2022 11:47 pm

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To make a difference in people's lives and improve their well-being mainly through communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ, disseminating relevant information through radio and other media and providing other humanitarian service.

Capital Radio is a Sierra Leone radio station based at the Mammy Yoko Business Park in Aberdeen, Freetown.

We broadcast for Peace and development in Sierra Leone. Focusing on youths and sexual and gender based violence cases. And totally against corruption.

Radio Binkongoh broadcasts 24 hours a day throughout the year, with our live programmes and an automated service which plays a continuous mixture of news, music, features and favourites request shows. We also cover current affairs, sports, politics and talks on Konoland, Sierra Leone and the world at large. The content of our broadcast and news is copyrighted and protected.

The Only Online Station That Plays 99% Sierra Leonean Songs. To provide sensitive information for all Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora. The community radio station in the diaspora

WP Radio
WP Radio