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NYC On High Alert For Lone Wolf Terrorists

(TJV) New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued a caution to New Yorkers, urging them not to underestimate the potential danger posed by individuals who have become radicalized online and might carry out lone-wolf style terrorist attacks. He emphasized that the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict has been sending shockwaves worldwide, further highlighting the importance of vigilance.

During a press conference, the Democratic mayor stressed the need for the city to remain alert, specifically emphasizing the risk of “lone wolves” who have been radicalized through online platforms. He pointed out that social media platforms, where Hamas has shared disturbing footage from recent attacks on Israel, can serve as a powerful means of inciting similar acts of violence.

In response to the situation, New York authorities are closely monitoring social media and are paying particular attention to the Hasidic Jewish communities in the city. They have also increased security measures, including perimeter searches, with a focus on protecting synagogues. Mayor Adams advised these places of worship to consider enhancing their security arrangements, underscoring the importance of staying vigilant and not letting down one’s guard.

In Israel, parents have received warnings to remove specific social media applications from their children’s devices, as Hamas has been using the internet to share disturbing content related to their actions during an extended period of violence. This includes the sharing of graphic videos, such as one depicting the beheading of Israeli soldiers, according to the Israeli Defense Force.

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