The Cyberwars

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cyberwars – GS
M.N.: Do we really know the true extent of this (cyber-attacks with “fake news”) issue and problem?! We have to study it, in depth and in details, in order to prevent it. The example with the recent Kenyan electionsshows that the same malevolent actors (and we still do not know exactly who they are) are buoyed by and greatly encouraged by their “success”, and they intend to practice and to implement these strategies wherever they can, worldwide. For them, a new world order is coming, and they enjoy with anticipation the sweet smell of success. Smells like BS to me. This is the brute force frontal attack on the western style democratic institutions and the type of governing.
Something in kind, but conceptually directly the opposite: well educated, well trained, capable and FREE (in a sense of western values) CYBER-FORCE and Blogger-Force (and not only military but the civilian as well, something along the lines with the now almost defunct and reduced to utterly toothless inefficiency, ‘invalid and incapacitated “Voice of America”, for example) have to be developed and established as the counterforce and the lines of defence and offence. 

6:57 AM 9/4/2017 – M.N.: FREE CYBERFORCE and Blogger-Force have to be developed and established – In America, there is a stubborn, almost inexplicable blindness about the myriad problems with our own 2016 election